Goal: 800 Petition Supporters

It’s been almost two weeks and we’re up to over 300 petition supports. Our goal is to reach 800 supports by Wednesday 3/16 11:59pm. We have a team representing us at the U-M Regents meeting on 3/17  at the U-M Dearborn campus and would like to present them with a 800+ supporter petition!

Please share this link with your social media network with a personal message asking for signatures. We need as many signatures as possible. Ann Arbor and U-M Alumni signatures are a plus!

Personal message:
I am asking for your support. U-M is proposing to build a bus yard by my neighborhood without any community input or pollution/safety/noise impact studies. We are asking the Regents and the President to PAUSE this project until we can get answers. Please sign this petition and share with your social network. We just want answers.

Link to petition:



  1. Write the U-M Regents, President & our State Reps
  2. Sign the petition
  3. Connect with neA2cc on Facebook, twitter.
  4. Sign up for updates on our website.
  5. Attend the 3/17 3pm U-M Regents Meeting at U-M Dearborn. Let us know if you are planning to attend so we can organize.
  6. Share with your friends, family, neighbors and get their support. Many neighbors are still unaware of the proposed bus yard!

    NEW ACTION ITEMS_____________________________________________

  7. Post this flier up on the community boards of local restaurants, stores, gyms etc…. Help us continue to get the word out!
  8. Comment on the UM Bus Yard Permit request on the MDEQ Website.
  9. support

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