Bus Yard Site Breaks June 1?!

The MDEQ posted U-M’s permit request for the Bus Yard on March 9th we have until March 29th to make public comments.

In the document it states that they would like to begin construction on June 1st, 2016. That is less than three months away. We must continue to build on our momentum to be heard and get U-M to PAUSE this project until we get answers. We still have not seen anything to assure us that our neighborhoods will not be impacted.

Please share your comments on this permit request to leaders@nea2cc.org.

We will post specific instructions on how to post comments to the request on the MDEQ website when we get that information.


  1. Write the U-M Regents, President & our State Reps
  2. Sign the petition
  3. Connect with neA2cc on Facebook, twitter.
  4. Sign up for updates on our website.
  5. Attend the 3/17 3pm U-M Regents Meeting at U-M Dearborn. Let us know if you are planning to attend so we can organize.
  6. Share with your friends, family, neighbors and get their support. Many neighbors are still unaware of the proposed bus yard!

    NEW ACTION ITEMS_____________________________________________

  7. Post this flier up on the community boards of local restaurants, stores, gyms etc…. Help us continue to get the word out!
  8. Comment on the UM Bus Yard Permit request on the MDEQ Website.


2 thoughts on “Bus Yard Site Breaks June 1?!

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