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****March 15, 2016 Update.****
We have confirmation that the U has withdrawn the permit with the MDEQ

In President Schlissel’s letter he noted that the University will be reaching out to representatives of our neighborhoods to discuss our concerns and how they might be addressed. The way we would like to address the proposed bus yard is to find a better location in a non-residential area. This is our new message to rally around.

No Bus Yard in a residential area. 

Our immediate next steps are to comment on the UM Permit on the MDEQ site. Although the letter states that they will be contacting the MDEQ to suspend the permit, currently it’s still live on the site. The leadership team has crafted a response to the permit and we are asking the community to submit their comments on the site. Here are some examples of the types of comments:

  • The location of the proposed bus yard facility in a residential area is a major concern. The location is not suitable for heavy industrial operations for reasons ranging from impact on air quality and water quality, noise pollution, light pollution, diesel fuel fumes, bus exhaust fumes and the additional traffic this facility will bring to the area.
  • The location of the proposed bus yard facility 100 feet from the Green Baxter Court family public housing. Did the University picked the location because of its proximity to a low income housing project which – having fewer resources and a lower level of education – was far less likely of being able to mount a challenge?
  • The location of the proposed bus yard facility is very close to the Green Baxter Court family housing project. This proposed UM project shows complete disregard for the lives and well-being of underprivileged minority children.  It was very possible to relocate the project, but this was the easy solution.
  • The lack of full consideration of multiple other UM sites located in more industrial locations. UM owns a substantial amount of property in Ann Arbor and we would like to ask the MDEQ to require UM to look for more suitable locations that are removed from wetlands, streams and residential neighborhoods. An example would be the location on South State Street on the former Edwards Brothers complex.


How Do I Submit a Comment on the MDEQ Site?

  1. Sign up for an account on the MDEQ Website.
  2. You will receive an email to confirm, click to confirm and log into the website.
  3. Scroll down and click on Public Notice Search
    Screenshot 2016-03-13 17.59.03
  4. Select “Washtenaw” County and hit the search button on the lower bottom of screen.Screenshot 2016-03-13 18.01.01
  5. Click “View” on the project: 81-Transporation Operations Center – Ann ArborScreenshot 2016-03-13 18.02.55
  6. Select the “Add Comment” Tab on the top and fill in the fields to submit your comment.

This isn’t simple but it is doable and it’s the only way to publicly comment on the information submitted for the buy yard project. Please take some time to make your comments to the MDEQ. Your comments along with the letter from the leadership will support our campaign to ensure … No Bus Yard in a residential area!


Action Items

  1. Write the U-M Regents, President & our State Reps
  2. Sign the petition
  3. Connect with neA2cc on Facebook, twitter.
  4. Sign up for updates on our website.
  5. Attend the 3/17 3pm U-M Regents Meeting at U-M Dearborn. Let us know if you are planning to attend so we can organize.
  6. Share with your friends, family, neighbors and get their support. Many neighbors are still unaware of the proposed bus yard!NEW ACTION ITEMS_____________________
  7. Post this flier up on the community boards of local restaurants, stores, gyms etc…. Help us continue to get the word out!
  8. Comment on the UM Bus Yard Permit request on the MDEQ Website.




18 thoughts on “Comment on MDEQ Website

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  10. “… bus yard facility 100 feet from the Green Baxter Court Section 8 housing.”
    Please check this – I don’t think it is 100 ft from this housing as the new project does not continue to Baxter as there is already a city(?) building there. It’s also close to UM North Campus Married Housing and residential homes on Green and Frederick. Maybe change 100 ft or remove it. I’m sure you want to be accurate.


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  12. The graphic scale on the drawings is incorrect. What is the scale ? How quickly were these drawings produced ? And reviewed ?


    • Hi Robbi, the public comments don’t seem like they are visible. We are looking into this but they are likely just going to the powers to be at the MDEQ.


  13. I am having trouble following all of this. Please do not forget that there are a lot of people who have lived in this area forever (retired) and are interested but do not follow various social media. Is there one or more websites?
    What about paper petitions or flyers -if you want more participants.


    • Hi Jane, thanks so much for your comment. Initially the Glacier Highlands Homeowners Association site was used to communicate but now all the information will be communicated on this site. The petition is online and at this point we don’t have a paper petition but if we can get volunteers to do face to face canvassing, that would be terrific!

      We do have a flier that can be printed and passed out. I will email you the filer. Thanks again for following us and reaching out!


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