We Made a Lot of Noise!


“You should know that we are engaged to come to a favorable conclusion here. What that conclusion is, is unknown at this moment, but your effort has not been without impact.”

– Regent Mark Bernstein

Thank you Linh Song, Kathy Griswold, Kim Pitts, Lola Killey and Sarah Steingold for your thoughtful, impressive, heartfelt presentations to the President and Regents! You gave our community a unified voice and showcased our concerns. You made an impact.
You are making a difference.

Thank you to our 30 neighbors and supports who raised their hands proudly when asked…”Who is here to support these speakers?” It made an impact.
You are making a difference. 

Thank you to the kids in our neighborhood who painted 60 wooden buses last week (yes, just last week!). And thank you to Q, S, N, J, T for literally making lots of noise bringing the buses up to the front. The buses made an impact.
You are making a difference. 

All the petition signing, letter writing, message sharing and event attending is making a difference and we are being heard. The media coverage amplified our efforts and we are grateful for that! They are helping us make a difference.

Screenshot 2016-03-18 05.38.15Screenshot 2016-03-18 05.38.08

Screenshot 2016-03-18 05.38.23

Over the past three weeks (yes…it was just three weeks ago that the UM reps granted us that first meeting), we got our concerns heard, the President reacted, the Regents reacted and the media reacted. However, we have more work ahead of us to ensure that the bus yard does not move into a residential area.

So What’s Next?

“You have been far more respectful to us than we have been to you in this process…”
– Mark Bernstein

We need to carry this tone of respect into our next phase and continue to provide the data, the arguments and the human stories behind our case.

  1. Continue the letter writing. It’s working!If you haven’t written a letter yet, please do so, stating our case but also thanking the President and Regents for acknowledging us and working with us. Tell them that you look forward to working on a favorable conclusion. Our favorable conclusion being a non-residential location for the bus yard. cc letters@nea2cc.org so we can share in our folder of letters.

    If you have already written a letter, please write a second one thanking the President and the Regents. They are reading the letters! cc letters@nea2cc.org so we can share in our folder of letters.

  2. Come to Sat 3/19 Egg Hunt &  share your ideas for our Phase 2.Join us this Saturday 3/19 at 11 am for the annual Easter egg hunt at Glacier Highlands Park. While the kids are eating their candy and running around the playground, we will be giving an update on the 3/17 U-M Regents meeting and talking about our next campaign.
  3. Continue working on getting your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, fellow sports team parents etc… to sign the petition. It’s working!
  4. Print out this flier and post up on the community boards of local restaurants, stores, gyms, day cares, schools etc… Pass out to the parents on your kids’ sports teams, music lessons, swim lessons, tutoring centers  etc…. Help us continue to get the word out!




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