#nogreenroadbusyard / Meet your neA2 Neighbors

Meet your neA2 Neighbors, Kate & Dan


What’s your name?  
Kate Delaney and Dan Beard

How long have you lived in northeast Ann Arbor?
Almost 3 years.

Where did you move from?
Kate is from California, Dan is from Massachusetts, and came to A2 by way of NYC, Seattle and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Why did you choose this neighborhood?
We chose this neighborhood because it had everything that we wanted in a “forever” neighborhood. We have moved A LOT in the years we have been together. When Dan had the opportunity to join the faculty at UM, and for Kate to continue her post-grad studies and career in the area, we wanted a multi-generational , multi-ethnic, socio-economically and multi-faceted community (university and non-university folks) with amazing schools. We wanted to be near enough to North Campus that Dan could ride his bike and the kids could walk or ride to elementary school. We have found ALL of these things and more in the Glacier Highlands neighborhood. We hope to never move again!

Tell us about your family    
We have three children – Henry (10), Nicky (7) and Susa (3). Dan is a professor in the Molecular and Integrative Physiology Department at UM. Kate is a professor of Early Childhood and Special Education at the University of Toledo. We are music lovers and our kids have amazing teachers at the Ann Arbor Music Center downtown. We love to eat, be outdoors and spend time with friends and neighbors (usually at the Glacier Highlands playground on Larchmont).

What concerns you the most about the proposed bus yard?
Our biggest concern is that placing a heavy industrial site in a residential area will deeply change this area. We know we will see increased noise, light and air pollution. We know we will see increased traffic on Hubbard and Baxter roads. Bringing industrial services such as oil changes, repairs, repainting, etc., bus gassing, as well as the constant coming and going of double-articulated buses 22.5 hours a day, will convert this corridor into an industrial, rather than residential one. I also think that if UM moves forward with this project, we will see more industrial development on the northern part of the Green Road corridor. In other words, our neighborhoods will become the setting for all of UMs’ dirtiest work.

What would you like our University neighbors to know about neA2?
This is an amazing part of Ann Arbor. Our neighborhoods along the Green Road corridor are filled with UM faculty and staff. We are committed to the success of the University through our work, and hope that you will be committed to the success of our families by putting this industrial complex somewhere more suited. While we support UM’s right to develop on this land, we believe we would all benefit should UM put facilities along this corridor that fit with the rhythms and needs of residential communities. By this we mean offices, or research spaces that serve needs during regular business and weekday hours.


action items

  1. Continue writing letters! It’s working. If you’ve already written a letter to the UM Regents & President, please write another one with the following points:
    • Thank the President and the Regents for acknowledging the situation and putting the project pause.
    • Tell them that you look forward to working on a favorable conclusion. Our favorable conclusion being a non-residential location for the bus yard.
    • Reiterate any major concerns you may have about noise, traffic, watershed impact or other issues.
    • Request a plan from the University towards our next steps that involve our community input.
    • Inform them that you will be attending the April 21 UM Regents meeting.
    • Share your story about our neighborhood and the impact it will have on your family.
    • Invite them to the annual Glacier Highlands Memorial Day Parade on Monday May 30th at 10am.
    • If you are affiliate with the University in anyway, please call out in the letter.
    • cc: letters@nea2cc.org so we can share in our folder of letters.
  2. Continue working on getting your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, fellow sports team parents etc… to sign the petition. We have 700 signatures and need 300 to reach 1000 signatures by the April 21st Regents meeting.
  3. Print out this flier and post up on the community boards of local restaurants, stores, gyms, day cares, schools etc… Pass out to the parents on your kids’ sports teams, music lessons, swim lessons, tutoring centers  etc…. Help us continue to get the word out!
  4. Plan on attending the Thursday April 21st Regents Meeting in Ann Arbor and bring your family and friends!

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