4/13/16 Bus Yard Update

University Communications Update

A team of neA2cc leaders met on the evening of 4/13 with four University representatives. List of the meeting attendees:

  • Representing neA2cc: Linh Song, Kim Pitts, Susie Bowers, Roben Barker, Sandy Aldrich, Kate Delany, Stephen Crano, Joan Doughty
  • Representing the University: Hank Baier/Associate Vice President for Facilities and Operations, Stephen Dolen/Executive Director, Parking and Transportation Services, Susan Gott/University Planner and Jim Kosteva/Director of Community Relations

The University officials shared the background on the need for a bus yard expansion and the decision making process behind how the Green and Hubbard site was selected. Throughout the presentation and discussion, they reiterated that the proposed plan for the bus yard was on hold and that no movement on the project would take place without communication to the neA2cc leadership.

They promised transparency in the process moving forward and that air and noise impact studies would be available at the end of April. They shared that alternative sites for the bus yard could be considered and we briefly discussed alternative uses for the proposed site. They also acknowledged a breakdown in the communication process and that there were some oversights when the Green and Hubbard site was originally selected.

We learned more about the proposed function of the bus yard and to frame it in a way we can all understand, here is a visual exercise. Close your eyes and envision the following types of businesses on the proposed lot:

  • The Uncle Ed’s Oil Change shop on Washtenaw
  • The Belle Tire garage on Washtenaw
  • The BP gas station on Plymouth
  • The Community car wash on Industrial
  • The Gerber Collision auto body shop on Washtenaw
  • A Bus Yard with 60 buses

Powerful, right?


Our team stood by our position that this type of industrial facility does not belong in our neighborhood. We reiterated that we are not against the inevitable development of that land. However, a bus yard and transportation maintenance facility does not fit within a residential area.

The tone of the meeting was cordial, cooperative and the issue of trust was discussed. However, we still have a lot of work ahead of us. Our immediate need is to get as many people as possible to attend the 4/21 Regents meeting. We also need to continue to be engaged and passionate for the long haul because it may take months to get to a resolution.

We are tentatively planning an update event and Earth Day celebration at Glacier Highlands Park on Sunday 4/23 afternoon [note new date!]. More information will be shared about this event next week.

4/21 Regents meeting…this is important!


The 4/21 regents meeting is just one week away. We need 100+ people at the meeting to support our three speakers. It would be powerful to have a good mixture of genders, cultures and ages represented in the audience. Last month, we had 30 neighbors drive to Dearborn to show support so our goal of 100+ supporters should be achievable.

  • When: 3PM 4/21 Thursday
  • Where: U-M Ann Arbor at the Anderson Room in the Michigan Union

Please fill out this form so we can get a head count and communicate with you as a group.

8 thoughts on “4/13/16 Bus Yard Update

  1. Dear Team,

    Thank you for all of your excellent work with the representatives from the University of Michigan. Would it be possible to consider another day or time for the meeting?. Friday, April 22 and Sat, April 23rd are the first two nights of Passover this year so it is likely that a number of people who would otherwise come will not be able to on Friday. Would Sunday afternoon or evening or another day during the ensuing week be possible?




  2. 60 buses? How many buses can this facility accommodate? The University builds with an eye for the future. Eventually I fear there will be A LOT more than 60 buses.


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