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Response from The University

We’ve received a letter from the University providing an official update on the proposed Bus Yard project. Our letter writing, social media sharing and engagements are making a difference and our voices are being heard. We need to keep the momentum going until we get to the answer we all know in our hearts is the right one.

Use this as motivation to attend the 4/21 Regents meeting! Our goal is to have 100+ supporters standing behind our three neighbors who have been selected to represent us to the President, Regents and Executive Staff.

  • When: 3PM 4/21 Thursday
  • Where: U-M Ann Arbor at the Anderson Room in the Michigan Union

Please fill out this form so we can get a head count and communicate with you as a group.



4/15/16 Letter from Jim Kosteva

Dear Neighbors,

We have prepared this message to keep residents in the Baxter/Green/Hubbard vicinity apprised of our ongoing efforts.

The University is continuing to work along parallel tracks of reviewing and digesting the messages and calls we have received from neighbors while also stepping back to re-evaluate the objectives and specifics of the proposed Transportation Operations Complex (TOC).

We have met with neighborhood representatives to discuss more of the area’s concerns, and shared the need and planning objectives for the project and described the site selection process to date. Additional topics included traffic information, storm water management approaches and details of the anticipated operations of the Complex. Air quality and noise evaluations are currently being conducted with data anticipated in the coming weeks. Much of this information when completed will be placed on the project web site.

Simultaneously we can also confirm that we are in the process of evaluating a variety of options for the complex, including different building configurations and utilization of other site locations.

On behalf of everyone on the project planning team, we will be in touch again as we develop more information to share, likely in early May.


Jim Kosteva
UM Director of Community Relations



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