#nogreenroadbusyard / Meet your neA2 Neighbors

Meet your neA2 Neighbor, Robert

We're neA2. Because it's a child-friendly place to live ... with sidewalks, trees, responsible and child-friendly neighbors whose children go to our excellent public schools- King, Clague, and Huron (go Rats!). It's a great family neighborh

What’s your name?
Robert L. Sain MD

How long have you lived in northeast Ann Arbor?
25 years

Where did you move from?
Ann Arbor, North Huron Highlands (up Pontiac Trail). I came to Ann Arbor to complete a Residency in Psychiatry at the University of Michigan in 1981.

Why did you choose this neighborhood?
Because it’s a child-friendly place to live … with sidewalks, trees, responsible and child-friendly neighbors whose children go to our excellent public schools: King, Clague, and Huron (go Rats!). It’s a great family neighborhood. We are parents with 3 children, 2 cats, lots of robins, cardinals, house finches, American goldfinches, white breasted nuthatches, black capped chickadees, ducks, deer, wild rabbits, chipmunks, voles, bees, and butterflies. “Our” dog is a lab who lives next door and who likes my cats.

Tell us about your family
The proposed bus yard will destroy our smallish neighborhood (which lies between Green Road and US 23). The yard will eliminate land that supports our wild life while increasing noise, pollution, traffic that will eliminate the safety we currently depend-upon as a child-friendly place to live. NE Ann Arbor is a treasure that offers business and University employees (faculty in engineering, music, medicine, and liberal arts) a reason to settle here. Living next to a bus yard would not be desirable for potential University employees who value clean air, child-friendly parks, and nature.

What concerns you the most about the proposed bus yard?
When we moved into the “”Greenbrier”” neighborhood (between Plymouth and Glazier, Green and US 23) in 1991, it was known as THE NEIGHBORHOOD by children who appreciated sidewalks, mature trees (deciduous and conifers), and a sense of safety. neA2 is a very special neighborhood that is not duplicated anywhere else in Ann Arbor.

As an alumnus who graduated from Michigan in 1964 and then returned to start a Residency in Psychiatry and a Fellowship in Child Psychiatry in 1981, I am grateful to be living in this space. But … comparing Ann Arbor from 1960 to the present time, I am struck by the the insidious urbanization of our city. In 1964 I could drive across town in 10 minutes. Now it takes more than half an hour. Bottom line, neighborhoods like neA2 are precious.

But … our neighborhood is relatively small … and vulnerable to urban encroachment.

What would you like our University neighbors to know about neA2?
The proposed bus yard is a nuclear catastrophe that will ruin all of the factors which make our neighborhood desirable for us and for future employees at Michigan who want a safe neighborhood for their children and for their children.

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