#nogreenroadbusyard / Meet your neA2 Neighbors

neA2 Neighborhood Survey

Thank you for taking 5 minutes to fill out this survey! This information will be helpful with our Regent presentations. Our neA2 neighbors are strong University supporters and we are also pro-neA2 neighborhood. The data is beginning to paint how much we donate to the U, how we hold season tickets to UM events and just how intertwined we are to the University. This is about pro-neighborhood which is NOT mutually exclusive from pro-university!

We were going to offer a $50 Sweet waters gift card giveaway to those who entered but realized that we can’t since this is an anonymous survey. But here is something, you can get $50 off your Orchard Hills Athletic Club (OHAC) if you sign up by May 1st and new members get an additional $50 off. OHAC is your local Ann Arbor pool located on the northeast side of Ann Arbor, right off of Plymouth Road.

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