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May 5th Update

5.5.16 Update

On Friday April 29th, the University project team posted two new pieces of information on the University’s Transportation Operation and Maintenance Facility (TOMF) project website. We received an email from Jim Kosteva that the air and noise pollution reports were not complete and that two UM faculty from the School of Public Health (Dr. Neitzel and Dr. Dvonch) are assisting with an objective review of the consultants data .

Our neighborhood experts reviewed the new information and we responded today with the following email and letter. We are working to provide the Regents with information to support relocating this bus yard project to a more appropriate location. However, this will take time. It’s been two years since the initial site selection was approved so we are anticipating several more months before a final decision is made.

We encourage you to take the neighborhood survey and to sign up for a committee to help keep the momentum going over the next few months.  Also, please watch for communications about these four upcoming events:

  • May 16th City Council meeting – we will be signing up for public comment to generate more awareness.
  • May 19th Regents meeting in Grand Rapids @3pm- we have two speakers confirmed and a small group committed to attend.
  • May 30th Memorial day parade – table at the event
  • June 1st Construction Party – Think bulldozers, dump trucks and earth movers. More to come around this event.

5/5/16 Email

Good evening UM representatives, President Schlissel, Regents, Mayor Taylor and City Council Representatives: 

Please see the attached letter as our response to the information posted on the University’s Transportation Operation and Maintenance Facility (TOMF) project website on April 29th.

There are two new pieces of information that we’d like to draw attention to.
(1) The Alternative Impact and Uses Page (Page 4 in Considerations PDF). Thank you for posting this information. However, we believe the information presented is biased and have addressed specifics in the attached letter. However myopic this information may be, a research or office building at this site, even with the projected increase in Green Road traffic volumes, would be a better alternative. As we have reiterated in our meetings and letters, locating an industrial facility in between residential areas defies common sense.
(2) The Updated completion schedule date for the TOMF noted as Winter 2018. While reviewing the updated Sustainability Report (4/28/16) we discovered this updated date at the back of this document. We respectfully request that the University Project team highlight the key updates to this project directly via email and not embed in documents for us to discover. We believe this request aligns with the desired outcome for us to be good neighbors. Our specific concerns on this new item are addressed in the letter.
In the letter, you will also find a request for updates on previously requested information. We look forward to your response.
If we do not have the opportunity to meet in person before May 19th, we will see you in Grand Rapids at the next Regents meeting. Thank you.

The neA2cc Board

Sandy Aldrich – Co-President
Kate Delany – Co-President
Susan Bowers – Vice President
Peggy Hubbard – Secretary
Georgina Beg – Treasurer


5/5/16 Letter to UM Representatives
[download PDF version]

May 5, 2016

Dear Hank, Stephen, Susan and Jim,

We would like to address the new information about the Transportation Operations and Maintenance Facility that was posted on the University’s project website on April 29, 2016.  Please see the attached documents with particular focus on page 4 of the Considerations (dated 4/29/16) document.

  1. The University project team has provided Average Daily Traffic Volumes over a 24-hour period. Because so few vehicles are on the roads (Plymouth, Green, Hubbard) from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am we believe these figures are diluted and not useful. Our key question is How many additional vehicles are projected to be on these roads on weekdays at peak times (7:00 am to 6:00 pm)? Response requested

  2. We are told the Plan aligns with U-M North Campus Master Plan (2008). When comparing the 2008 North Campus Master Plan East Area Plan (page 53) with the current Site Plan, it is apparent that the proposed program (current site plan) exceeds the Site Capacity (brown developable zones) identified in the 2008 plan. This is apparent when comparing these two drawings which appear below. Note that, in the Master Plan, the existing wetland is protected and buffered with larger open space setbacks to the west of the wetland and along the northern property line contiguous to the Michigan Municipal League facility. Response requested

    Screenshot 2016-05-03 15.46.39

  3. The updated Sustainability Report (4/28/16) states a completion schedule date for the TOMF as Winter 2018. If this project is on hold, can you please provide information on why the completion date is scheduled for Winter 2018? When is the construction date? Response requested

  4. Comparison of Proposed Alternative University Development versus Municipal Zoning on page 4 of the Considerations document. We believe this is a myopic view of the information. The Ann Arbor zoning regulations require the integration of the 4 items listed below with the potential allowable building size. The information presented on page 4 of the Considerations document simply focuses on a gross square foot comparison with other building uses without considering these other “regulated” components.
    1. Open space setbacks and buffers
    2. Landscaping requirements for vehicular use area
    3. Storm water retention
    4. Parking Requirements. Please see below for an example of the parking requirements for a 4 story 244,000 SF building.

Screenshot 2016-05-03 23.01.37

The Proposed alternative development scenarios do not meet the minimum city zoning regulations for these types of developments. Response requested

In addition, please provide us with the status on the information previously requested. Below is a list and status for your convenience.

  1. What alternative sites were considered and evaluated as potential locations for the Transportation Operations Center?  Pending Response
  2. What is the difference in elevation between Green Rd and the proposed TOC drive at the northeast corner of the University property?  Pending Response
  3. Environmental Health Study –  Jim Kosteva emailed update on May 2nd : awaiting the findings and analysis of air and noise studies. Two faculty from the School of Public Health are assisting with an objective review of the consultants data:Dr. Neitzel and Dr. Dvonch.
  4. Bus schedule for vehicles arriving and departing the site between 7pm and 6am. Please also highlight the trips that will be made by articulated buses. Pending Response
  5. Although some numbers for vehicle count were provided at the March meeting, there are some unanswered questions. How many parking spaces per specific type of vehicle are proposed on site, and how many will be stored at the existing Green Road commuter lot?  How many oversized spaces, and how many super big spaces are proposed? Pending Response
  6. The University was preparing a website presentation summarizing this project. We were provided the url where it will be posted. Thank you. Can you provide ETA for when the presentation will be available? Pending Response
  7. The University on April 29 provided a copy of the proposed Planting Plan per our earlier request. Thank you. Is the University holding adequate contingency funds for replacing plant materials that die during the initial year? Such replacements are a concern as number of the trees screening the Solar Panels on Plymouth Road have died since this last winter.
    New Question: Pending Response

Thank you in advance for your response. We look forward to receiving the air and noise pollution reports.


The neA2cc Board

cc: Regent Michael J. Behm, Regent Mark J. Bernstein, Regent Shauna Ryder Diggs, M.D., Regent Laurence B. Deitch, Regent Andrea Fischer Newman, Regent Denise Ilitch, Regent Andrew C. Richner, Regent Katherine E. White, President Mark S. Schlissel, M.D., Ph.D., Mayor Christopher Taylor, City Council Representative Jane Lumm, City Council Representative Kirk Westphal, neA2cc leadership

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