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Regental Action Request Submitted

60 of our Vintage Valley neighbors submitted this powerful letter to the Regents on May 5th. On that same day our coalition sent out our response to the new information posted by the University planning team. Perfect timing. Both letters reiterate our concerns about the motives of the University planning team and point out what we all believe is simple common sense, an industrial complex does not belong in between neighborhoods.

Over the past two months, we have collectively provided the University planning team, the President, our elected city officials and the Regents with our concerns and requests to relocate the proposed Transportation Operations and Maintenance Facility (TOMF or aka Bus Yard) to a more suitable site. These efforts have made our request highly visible and now this Vintage Valley letter goes straight to the point and specifically asks that the Regents approve an action item to rescind their prior approval of the Green/Hubbard location for the TOMF. We will provide an update on any responses we receive from the University. If no response is provided by the end of next week, we will launch our next phase of the “Regental Action Request/UM Bus Yard” campaign. Thank you.





4 thoughts on “Regental Action Request Submitted

  1. Thank you George and Min.

    The University does have a real need to expand their bus yard. However, we believe that the University planning team’s process and criteria by which the Green/Hubbard site was selected is flawed. We are also appalled by the lack of communication with the residents of this community on this project. So, the efforts continue until we get to a resolution!


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