#nogreenroadbusyard / University Response

5/13/16 Progress Report


We’ve had a busy week! Here is what your leadership team has accomplished this week to support our position that a bus yard does not belong in between our neighborhoods.

  • We received a response from President Schlissel and promptly responded back with our concerns about the interactions with the University Staff and the information they are providing.
  • We met with Mayor Christopher Taylor to understand his position on the bus yard. He understands and supports our neighborhood and is advocating for us during his meetings with University officials.
  • We spoke with University officials and received notice that the air, noise and traffic studies have been completed by outside consultants. They will not be released to us until their School of Public Health designates have reviewed the reports. We don’t expect to see the reports for several weeks. They also indicated that there are no timelines in place for a final decision to be made. It remains open until the due diligence can be completed before final recommendations can be made to the ultimate decision makers, the UM Regents.
  • We have set up an online donation page for those who have asked how they can help. Donations will be used to off set costs to cover printing, website fees and other materials needed to advocate our position.
  • We have activated our communications committee! They will be distributing neA2cc fliers to ensure that all are aware of the situation. We need everyone’s time, even if it just one hour a week. Please sign up to volunteer on a committee. We especially need help on the business relations committee!
  • We have ordered buttons and orange bandanas for our community to wear during the neighborhood Memorial Day Parade to visibly show support. We will be distributing the buttons and bandanas in the upcoming week.
  • We are working on the content and theme of the May 19th Regents speakers. Sandy Aldrich and Kevin Bohnsack will be representing us. It’s in Grand Rapids and we understand that it’s a time commitment but would love to see some friendly faces in the audience to support us.



  1. Put your UM donations on hold. Our survey data indicates that over 80% of us donate or have donated to the University. Some of us have large planned gifts in place. Send a strong message by putting a hold on your donations or a contingency on your planned gift. Contact your gift officers and let them know why.

    For those of us who get envelopes for donations, consider sending a note that donations are on hold until the bus yard issue gets resolved. Use the hashtag: #nogreenroadbusyard on the donation forms.

  2. Take survey. We’re taking this neA2 neighborhood survey to help us collect data to share at the May 19th Regents Meeting. Please take it and ensure that your neighbors are do as well.
  3. Sign up for one of our committees by filling out this form. We’ve formed a small leadership team but need everyone’s help to keep this up for the long haul. It took 2 years to get here so we know it will take many months to get to a decision.
  4. Continue to write the Regents. Thank them for their continued partnership. Reinforce to them that we look forward to our continued engagement with them until the University has come to the decision to relocate the proposed bus yard. Let them know that we’ll see them in Grand Rapids on May 19th for the next Regents meeting.<umregents@umich.edu>, <mjbehm@umich.edu>, <mjbern@umich.edu>, <ldeitch@umich.edu>, <srdiggs@umich.edu>, <dilitch@umich.edu>, <afnewman@umich.edu>, <richner@umich.edu>, <kewhite@umich.edu>, <presoff@umich.edu>
  • May 19th: Regents meeting in Grand Rapids. We have two speakers confirmed. Reach out to your friends and family in Grand Rapids and encourage them to attend the regents meeting to see how multi-million dollar projects at the University are approved.
  • May 30th: Memorial Day Parade at Glaciers Highlands. We will have have orange bandanas and buttons for all to wear and have a table at the park to to share our story, updates and sign up supporters.
  • June 1st: Bulldozers? Earth movers? No! It’s due to our efforts that we won’t see those things at Green Road and Hubbard on June 1st. But keep your eyes out and ears open for information about a rally party.


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