Bus Yard Project Timeline

Running timeline of key events related to the #nogreenroadbusyard initiative

  • February 25th – 1st “informational” meeting with the U staff
  • February 28th – neA2cc was formed
  • March 12th:
  • March 15th – the U withdrew the MDEQ permit request for the proposed bus yard on Green and Hubbard.
  • March 17th – March Regents Meeting: We sent 5 speakers and about 30 neighbors to UM Dearborn to present to the President and Regents.
    • Speakers: Linh Song, Kathy Griswold, Kim PittsLola Killey and Sarah Steingold
    • We made a lot of noise, literally with the kids, and got noticed by the media.
  • April 13th – neA2cc representatives met with University staff to learn more about the proposed operations of the bus yard. We learned that there were many oversights during the planning process and that the bus yard would serve functions similar to:
    • The Uncle Ed’s Oil Change shop on Washtenaw
    • The Belle Tire garage on Washtenaw
    • The BP gas station on Plymouth
    • The Community car wash on Industrial
    • The Gerber Collision auto body shop on Washtenaw
    • A Bus Yard with 60 buses
  • April 15th – we received a letter from the University staff that confirming that they are in the process of evaluating a variety of options for the complex, including different building configurations and utilization of other site locations.
  • April 19th – April Regents Meeting: 3 speakers and about 145 neighbors and supporters attended the meeting.
  • April 29th – U Staff posted some additional information about the project on their project website. We shared this information with our neighborhood experts and supporters for their review.
  • May 5th – neA2cc emailed a response to the U Staff for clarification and responses to questions about the new information posted. On the same day our Vintage Valley neighbors send the President and the Regents a request to rescind the approval of the Green and Hubbard location for the Bus Yard in order for the U staff to focus on other locations.
  • May 10th – We received an email from the President reiterating his partnership commitment.
  • May 16th – neA2cc board representatives attended the Community Health Committee meeting at the Washtenaw County Learning Resource Center and the Ann Arbor City Council Meeting.
  • May 19th – May Regents Meeting: 2 speakers and 7 supports drove 2 hours to  Grand Rapids.
    • Speakers: Sandy Aldrich and Kevin Bohnsack
  • May 24 – University representatives informed neA2cc leadership that the Bus Yard has been canceled!
  • May 30 – Glacier Highlands Memorial Day Parade
  • June 1 – No bulldozers, dump trucks!

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