Pause Your Donations

Put those donations on Pause

Our survey data indicates that over 80% of us donate or have donated to the University. Some of us have large planned gifts in place. Send a strong message by putting a hold on your donations or a contingency on your planned gift. Contact your gift officers and let them know why.

For those of us who get envelopes for donations, consider sending a note that donations are on hold until the bus yard issue gets resolved. Use the hashtag: #nogreenroadbusyard on the donation forms.

This is just another way to ensure that we are being heard in a respectful and thoughtful way. We are all fighting for someone we love…our neighborhood, our homes and our families.

“If we fight against something, then we focus on the thing we hate.
If we fight for something, then we focus on the thing we love.”

4 thoughts on “Pause Your Donations

  1. We shouldn’t just pause donations, but tell U of M the money is going to other non profits that need and appreciate the money more

    I’m also planning on ending all discretionary spending related to the Block M including licensed items with that logo on them, such as items sold by the M-den and tickets to various events on the campus including, but not limited to athletic events.


    • This issue has raised some very powerful emotions and questions in us all about how the University Staff views the residents and their neighbors. Unfortunately, many of the University staff we are working with don’t live in Ann Arbor so we’re not sure they can empathize with us.

      We will continue to raise our community voice until sound minds prevail. We do believe that President Schlissel and the Regents are reasonable and thoughtful people. However, we are at a disadvantage because we have no access to the information being presented to the decision makers. Based on what we’ve seen so far, we are not confident that the University Staff is presenting the information in a fair and unbiased way.

      We will continue to present to at the Regents meetings, email the decision makers with our concerns, continue to be share our journey and message publicly and engage as many supporters as possible!

      Pausing donations is another way to send a message and avoiding buying any Michigan gear is another way. If it doesn’t make a dent, it certainly sends a message doesn’t it?

      If this continues for much longer, we may start a campaign to mail all our Michigan gear to the President’s office with a note: #nogreenroadbusyard


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