Elevating Our Community Voice


Susie Bowers, VP of neA2cc, addressing the Mayor and City Council Members

Susie Bowers, VP of neA2cc, proudly introduced our organization and shared our story at the Ann Arbor City Council meeting tonight. It was broadcast live on CTN and we ensured that our website and logo were prominently displayed behind Susie as she spoke.


Here is a little excerpt from her presentation:


I am here to introduce our organization North East Ann Arbor Community Coalition which is comprised of several North East Ann Arbor neighborhoods.

We were formed  out of the necessity to communicate with the University of Michigan over the proposed University of Michigan Transportation and Maintenance Facility at Green Road and Hubbard road.  We have made unprecedented in roads with the University regarding this project.    

Recognizing that the University plans to expand North Campus significantly, the NE Ann Arbor Community Coalition aims to promote communication and collaboration between the citizens of Northeast Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan, and the City of Ann Arbor.  It seeks to ensure that the voices of NE Ann Arbor residents are heard and that future development meets the needs of all stakeholders.

Please join us so that a unified voice can be heard.  

Following the public commentary, Our Ward 2 Council Member, Jane Lumm, took the time to make a public comment about how she and Kirk Westphal support our organization and efforts. She reiterated how impressed she has been with our neighborhoods’ ability to organize and make inroads with the University. She also thanked Mayor Taylor for meeting with neA2cc leadership last week and called out his understanding and support of our efforts.

Thank you Jane for giving us such a strong shout out!


Council Member Jane Lumm giving us some respect!


  1. Put your UM donations on hold. Our survey data indicates that over 80% of us donate or have donated to the University. Some of us have large planned gifts in place. Send a strong message by putting a hold on your donations or a contingency on your planned gift. Contact your gift officers and let them know why.For those of us who get envelopes for donations, consider sending a note that donations are on hold until the bus yard issue gets resolved. Use the hashtag: #nogreenroadbusyard on the donation forms.
  2. Take survey. We’re taking this neA2 neighborhood survey to help us collect data to share at the May 19th Regents Meeting. Please take it and ensure that your neighbors are do as well.
  3. Sign up for one of our committees by filling out this form. We’ve formed a small leadership team but need everyone’s help to keep this up for the long haul. It took 2 years to get here so we know it will take many months to get to a decision.
  4. Continue to write the Regents. Thank them for their continued partnership. Reinforce to them that we look forward to our continued engagement with them until the University has come to the decision to relocate the proposed bus yard. Let them know that we’ll see them in Grand Rapids on May 19th for the next Regents meeting.<umregents@umich.edu>, <mjbehm@umich.edu>, <mjbern@umich.edu>, <ldeitch@umich.edu>, <srdiggs@umich.edu>, <dilitch@umich.edu>, <afnewman@umich.edu>, <richner@umich.edu>, <kewhite@umich.edu>, <presoff@umich.edu>
  • May 19th: Regents meeting in Grand Rapids. We have two speakers confirmed. Reach out to your friends and family in Grand Rapids and encourage them to attend the regents meeting to see how multi-million dollar projects at the University are approved.
  • May 30th: Memorial Day Parade at Glaciers Highlands. We will have have orange bandanas and buttons for all to wear and have a table at the park to to share our story, updates and sign up supporters.
  • June 1st: Bulldozers? Earth movers? No! It’s due to our efforts that we won’t see those things at Green Road and Hubbard on June 1st. But keep your eyes out and ears open for information about a rally party.

2 thoughts on “Elevating Our Community Voice

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  2. Susie Bauers, we started out for the city council meeting, but we were running late and so came back to watch the meeting on live TV.
    You did a great job and had just the right tone introducing neA2cc to the city council and our working with hge university as the continue to grow and the potential to impace the north east Ann Arbor residential community.
    Thank you for representing the concerns of all of us.


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