5/20 Michigan Daily Article

The Michigan Daily interviewed us on 5/19 Thursday, the morning of the Regents meeting. Brian, the reporter, was interested in our website post calling for a pause on donations and gifts to the U.

We reiterated that we are U supporters and appreciate the President and Regents outreach and messages of support. However, we are not confident that the University Staff has the same intentions of working with us in partnership.

The following article was published as a result:

Screenshot 2016-05-21 18.04.21.png

Here is our response we posted in the comment section:

Thank you for sharing our story. The idea to pause donations and reach out to gift officers to put holds on planned gifts came from our community. Outside of sending emails, there is little our neighbors can do to feel less helpless. The call for our neighbors to send a message through pausing donations and gifts is a way to empower them. The feeling of helplessness caused by actions of an institution we love is very unsettling.

We believe that President Schlissel and the Regents are sincere and thoughtful. We are just asking for the University staff to present properly vetted and well thought through recommendations to the Regents. We believe that by doing so, the decision to rescind the approval of the bus yard at Green and Hubbard can be made. It simply defies common sense that this location among neighborhoods is the only location for an industrial complex when University land is so abundant.

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