#nogreenroadbusyard / University Response

We did it. We were heard.

Tonight at 6:30pm, University Staff informed us at our meeting that the Bus Yard project on Green and Hubbard has been cancelled. The official notice was posted on the University Record website tonight.

Neighbors, we did it. Our letter writing, petition signing, Regents meeting attending, fliers, our emails, our signs, buttons, meetings, donations/gifts withholding…. worked.

Our community voice has been heard.

There will be more to come but tonight, we’re going to take the time to be grateful and proud of our efforts. We would like to thank everyone involved and will acknowledge in a future post along with our plans to gain closure for us all.

We would like to send our gratitude to President Schlissel and UM Regents for listening to us and acknowledging their neA2 neighbors as an important part of the University family.

We’d also like to leave you with this video that we believe captures our journey over the past three months.

We were told “it will never grow” and guess what? We grew a big, beautiful neA2cc Carrot!


7 thoughts on “We did it. We were heard.

  1. WOW. Kudos to our team who pursued smart respectful engagement with U of M and worked toward this successful ending. Thank you. Thankyou. Thankyou!!!!!! Vivian Byrd

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  2. Thank you to all on the Leadership Team for all of your hard work and persistence! You led a professional, yet polite, protest and we really appreciate it!
    And maybe we’ve gotten more neighborhood cohesion along the way!

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