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Who’s Running for UM Regent?

We’ve had several emails asking which UM Regents voted against the bus yard. The Regents didn’t have a formal vote because the University cancelled the project.

However the following Regents, Larry Deitch and Denise Ilitch, are up for re-election. They both engaged with our representatives in a positive manner and understand our neighborhood’s challenges this past spring.

They are running with 8 other candidates for 2 seats.

UM Regent Deitch.jpg



3 thoughts on “Who’s Running for UM Regent?

  1. I’d rather you not use a local newsletter website to offer political endorsements; without saying it, that’s the message here.


    • Thanks Concerned for your comment. We’ve had many requests regarding information on which Regents supported our efforts on the bus yard. The post was not intended as a political endorsement but rather to call out those who engaged with us, listened to our community and had positive interactions with our representatives. These two Regents understand our challenges this past spring.


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