On Sunday February 28, 2016 over 60 members of the surrounding community joined together tonight in Green Wood Church to form a new coalition of stakeholders from various residential communities that would be affected by UM’s proposal to move its transportation center and maintenance operations to a site that directly abuts several neighborhoods. Members in attendance included residents from the Green Road corridor of Green Brier, Baxter Court, Glacier Highlands, Waldenwood, and Vintage Valley. Local political representation included State representative Adam Zemke and Ward representatives Jane Lumm and Kirk Westphal. The coalition will be led by a number of interested leaders from the various groups as well as subject matter experts in air quality, noise, light and traffic studies, site planning and visual impact, environmental and sustainability analyses, and social justice issues.



Advocating for the interests of northeast Ann Arbor residents as they relate to the University of Michigan’s development of North Campus.

Email us at: hello@nea2cc.org

neA2cc Board Members


  • Glacier Highlands Neighborhood Association Representatives
    • Linh Song (linh.song@gmail.com) – President
    • Kate Delaney (k8kdelaney@gmail.com) – Media Outreach
    • Larissa Sano (lsano2007@gmail.com) – Environmental impact & Sustainability
    • Hide Sano (hideaki.sano.mi@gmail.com) – General Counsel
    • Sara Zocher (sarazocher@yahoo.com) – Social Justice
    • Dick Rigterink (dsrigterink@gmail.com) – Site Planning
    • Susie Bowers (susanlbowers@gmail.com) – Site Planning
    • Lorraine Shapiro (lorrainemfig@gmail.com) – Health Impact
    • Mark Flanner (mflanner@gmail.com) – Health Impact
    • John Batteh (jjbatteh@yahoo.com) – Engineer
    • Sandy Aldrich (syaldrich@gmail.com) – Social Media and Design
  • Group Manager A2 on the Northside
    • Praveena Ramaswami (praveenajramaswami@gmail.com)
  • Orchard Hills-Maplewood Homeowners Association
    • Jack Cederquist (john_cederquist@comcast.net)
  • Community Action Network
    • Joan Doughty (canexecdirector@gmail.com)
  • Vintage Valley
    • Harvey Berman (hberman@bodmanlaw.com)



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