Who’s Running for UM Regent?
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Who’s Running for UM Regent?

We’ve had several emails asking which UM Regents voted against the bus yard. The Regents didn’t have a formal vote because the University cancelled the project. However the following Regents, Larry Deitch and Denise Ilitch, are up for re-election. They both engaged with our representatives in a positive manner and understand our neighborhood’s challenges this past spring. They are running with 8 … Continue reading


Bus Yard Project Timeline

Running timeline of key events related to the #nogreenroadbusyard initiative February 25th – 1st “informational” meeting with the U staff February 28th – neA2cc was formed March 12th: Our neighbors discovered the permit request on the MDEQ website with a June 1st ground breaking date. We mobilized our communications platforms and alerted our neighbors, supporters … Continue reading